Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mary Magdalene?

I woke up this morning to hit the gym around 4:45. When I awoke, I realized what a dream I had... Here it is:

I was walking around some sort of old campus with a man. He was dressed in a robe and I didn't recognize him. He seemed happy.  We walked to this old cellar where he opened the door. Inside was a stone woman. She was holding an apple but her arm was broken off. I grabbed her arm and put it back on her body and she came alive. She told me her name was Mary Magdalene. The man in the robe and I left. He seemed angry when we walked away.

I wasn't scared but I felt odd...

I told my trainer/friend all about this dream because I knew she wouldn't judge me for being some weirdo. She knows a bunch about Jesus and the Bible. After discussing it, we've concluded that the apple represents sin and the man walking with me was the devil. After doing some online googling, I've learned that Mary was a big sinner and Jesus cast seven sins out from her. She was with him during his crucifixion and his resurrection.

I seriously think Jesus is contacting me through my dreams. I feel that this dream was meant to show me to give up my sins to Jesus and come to Him. I almost feel that he's trying to get me to see Him.

Lately I feel that I've been just "floating" around in my life. I'm just not moving anywhere. Now, I'm feeling that if I let Him in my life that he will help me come alive, just like Mary Magdalene did in my dream....

So neat......


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back home

Well we all survived our first family vacation. It was great! :) The plane rides were a little tricky and we had a couple mini-meltdowns but I was pleasantly surprised. Yesterday was long... We drove from Connecticut to New York City. Holy crap. It was about a 90 mile drive and it took almost three hours. I have never seen traffic like that and I hope I never have to again. Then, we had a 2.5 hour plane ride, and then a 3.5 hour drive back to Hays. It feels so great to be home. The boys slept kind of cruddy but that was to be expected. Hoping they get back in to routine shortly. Here's some pictures from the trip:

My favorite picture of the whole trip! All four looking at the same time on the campus of Yale.

We were super touristy at Yale. It was glorious!

In the basement where my brother works. It's full of BRAINS!!!!! 

The Yale Medical Library. It was so old and ornate! 

Eli with the New Haven in the background.

So those were just a few shots of our fun trip. Can't wait to go back! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Good News

So our trip to Children's Mercy was glorious! Well, the actually ride sucked because Anderson was bawling for a large portion of it. He's fine now.

We got to KC around 4pm and went to Legends to eat at this awesome restaurant called T-Rex Cafe. Eli was in Heaven! It was incredible! Here's some pictures: Ok, so here's one picture of Eli sleeping with his new T-Rex. I guess the restaurant pictures are on Devin's phone. Maybe I'll post those later.

We then went back to our hotel around 8pm. We hauled all the boys and all our crap in and the lady at the front desk must have felt sorry for us because she offered us a suite for the same price! AWESOME! Made my night... Devine intervention? Perhaps...

Eli had to be fasting for four hours before his ultrasound. That was fun. Not. He had his ultrasound at 1pm.  They had an iPad for him so he could play on that while they did their work. Guess what app was on the iPad? You bet it was Dinosaur Train! What are the chances?! Maybe God was doing His work. The ultrasound went smoothly besides the occasional twin meltdown.

He then had his GI appointment. It went great! His liver enzymes were the same as last year which is slightly elevated but that's Eli's normal. His ultrasound looked normal, too! Wahoo! Big, HUGE, relief! We don't have to go back until next year.

I feel like I can breathe again. Phew. Now onto our next adventure: Connecticut! We are leaving for KC (again) tomorrow afternoon and fly out Wednesday morning. I'm anxious for the flight because I'm sure the twins will be naughty turds. I have a feeling we might be buying the whole airplane drinks at 8am. I am very excited to see Adam, Shelly, and Lola! I can't wait!

That's where things are now. We did take some family pictures with my friend, Brittany over the weekend. She posted one on Facebook yesterday. It's beyond adorable. Here it is:

I'll leave you with all that cuteness. I almost can't handle it. 


Monday, May 12, 2014


So, I stumbled upon this blog that I started about five years ago. FIVE YEARS!! Holy crap, I can't believe it has been that long since I've been on here. A lot has changed, that's for sure. Well fast forward to today.

Anderson has had a fever for the past few days. Poor guy. He's been sleeping and crying. A LOT.

So, here's my second attempt at a picture on this blog. Looks like it worked. Yipee! 

Theodore is doing great. He's pretty adorable. Beyond adorable in fact. I mean, who doesn't like a chubby little ginger baby? Nothing too eventful for him today.

We leave for Kansas City tomorrow for Eli's appointment on Wednesday. I'm stressed beyond all things rational. We are hoping to leave tomorrow afternoon but with Andy sick, who knows. Eli has an ultrasound at 1pm and then his GI appointment at 2:30. He has to fast for four hours before (could I use for anymore times in this sentence?!) his ultrasound so that should rock, not. Also he gets a blood drawn. Awesome 

I'm struggling with my anxiety as usual with these appointments. I know in my mind that anxiety gets me no where. In fact, it just makes everything worse. I know I'm suppose to look to God for stress relief. Well I'm trying, God! Hear me!!!!!! 

I'll try to update this more often. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introduction! and other random crap... :)

Hi anyone who reads this! :)

Well, I decided to "blog" just because I'm to avoid reading my Psychology homework. Gag! I don't know what I will be writing about, but probably random crap. Excuse my punctuation issues. I'm very bad at grammar, sentence structure, and all that jazz.

Today was a good day. Devin and I worked out bright and early this morning. My trainer invited me to her Halloween party, which I thought was cool. I'm pretty excited to go! I'm debating on wearing what I wore last year, which was a Hooters Girl uniform. It's a little ironic, because I'm flat chested, but I think that makes it funny. I just don't want her to think I'm some little skank! So, I guess it'll be a last minute decision.

I had my very first Observation today in my Language Arts/Reading Internship. It went well! I was so nervous. I was sweating like no other! My students were really good, and I really appreciated it. Our class got to go to to a Cerv's and get SnoBalls! YUMM! That was the hightlight of my day.

Now, I should probably get back to that reading... puke, vomit, barf... :)


Vienna says, "hello!" (Do the quotes go inside or outside the punctuation?)